Sharing Ideas. Growing Agencies.

Sharing Ideas.

Growing Agencies.

MCAN is committed to the principles of advertising agencies and marketing communications, and bound by a dedication to excellence in advertising, marketing and business communications.

We serve consumer, business-to-business, industrial, direct response and retail clients from independent offices located across the U.S. and Canada.

Our common goal is to manage and grow our companies, and to be the best in everything we do.

Be part of the ultimate agency network. By aligning yourself with a team of talented agencies in non-competing markets, you’re free to share ideas, resources, creative talent and professional counsel.

  • San Antonio, TX (Heading there soon)

  • Savannah, GA (Heading there soon)

  • Buffalo, NY (Heading there soon)

  • Daytona Beach, FL (Heading there soon)

  • Durham, NC (Heading there soon)

  • Philadelphia, PA (Heading there soon)

Our Upcoming Event

September 20 - 22 | Philadelphia, PA

Check-in at Sheraton Philadelphia Soicey Hill Hotel
1 Dock Street, Philadelphia, PA

6p: Dinner, Victor Café
1303 Dickinson St.

9a - 12:30p: Speakers

9a - Maria Baseggio, President, SAGE Insights LLC
In 2010, Maria started her firm to help small and midsize organizations build and execute
their growth strategies by using the experiences she had gained in her leadership roles. As a
Professional EOS Implementer, Maria is excited to help her customers strengthen and grow
their business when implementing EOS® – and it’s great to see them have more fun while doing

10:30-45  - Chuck Homer, CMO of Haverford Trust.
Chuck has been affiliated with Haverford as an adviser and client since 1999 and a dedicated colleague since 2007. Chuck’s leadership responsibilities include the Haverford Quality Investing ™ Brand and Haverford’s marketing strategies for client growth, development, and retention.

11:30-45 – Marcia O’Connor, CEO of The O’Connor Group.
Marcia has over 20 years experience in all aspects of talent acquisition, professional search and human resource outsourcing. In today’s competitive labor market, Marcia will speak about Total Talent Strategies and Solutions.

1p: Internal Member Agency Updates

6p: Dinner, Zahav
237 St. James Place

9a: Principal's Meeting